PeeWee Evaluations for 2019/20


Attention Parents:

If you do not see your child’s name on either of the rosters, they are not skating those days. 

September 15th 10:30am-11:30am at Castledowns B
Defence Forwards Goalies
T. Phan D. Reid D.Chelmick
F.MacIsaac A. Arlidge M. St.Pierre
Q. Murphy P. Martin S. Walter
T.Han J. Park M. Biagi
R. Lorentz E. Ozbey  
M. Anderson L. Wallington  
J. Letourneau J. Lewcio  
M. Liboiron C. Strof  
C. Ketza R. Cardinal  
S. Fowler K. MacArthur  
  N. Hall  
  E. Vanderwal  
  L. Kreger  
  D. Virga  
  R. Mclean  
  L. Gilbertson  
  G. Tyson  
  B. Lowe  
  J. Ducharme  
  G. Neff-Taylor  
  T. Friedenberger  
  A. Trevethan  


September 15th 11:45am-12:45pm at Castledowns B
Defence Forwards Goalies
S. Bogart S. Annett R. Stuart
L. Larson S. Danda A. Barba
A. White A. Savage B. Simpson
M. Wiart N. Saraya W. Shandro
G. Hellyer B. Stafford  
D. Paufler C. Taylor  
J. Connolly M. Crant  
B. Nonay L. Inkpen  
J. Colistro M. Zissler  
N. Game L. Mackenzie-Sharphead  
  H. Ketza  
  N. Fauque  
  T. Duffet  
  Q. Corpuz-Johnson  
  A. Alkarout  
  E. Nikiforuk  
  R. Nikiforuk  
  H. Pham  
  I. Rich  
  M. Downey-Damato  
  R. Garth  

Attention: Players Trying out at CAC

Hockey Edmonton policy says that a player cannot register or skate with two clubs at the same time.  So, 1) you cannot register with the Hawks Athletic Club until your child is released from CAC, and 2) your child can't skate with the Hawks Peewee evaluations until they are released and registered with the Hawks.

The Hawks' Peewee evaluation times have been posted because we have many Peewee players that are not trying out at CAC and they need to know the dates and times of the evaluations.  Peewee players that are released from CAC will be slotted into the THIRD EVALUATION with the Hawks.

As soon as your child is released from CAC please register online with the Hawks.   That is the easiest and quickest way to get your child registered and onto the Hawks' evaluation lists. 

Question? Concerns? Please contact your director, TJ, at


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